"Constantine Malahias’ character changes are especially remarkable. His portrayal of Mercutio is a captivating whirlwind to watch on its own. But each part he plays is so distinct I sometimes had to remind myself this was indeed the same actor."  

 - Theater Is Easy 

"Constantine Malahias skillfully plays the lovable rapscallion Mercutio but is particularly spectacular as the sneering, recalcitrant Lord Capulet."                          

  -Stage Buddy 


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Current Projects


UN-SPEAK-ABLE is Constantine's third independent feature! This is his first time playing a lead in a feature film. This film is a modern silent film with very bizarre and fun twists and turns! Hitting the festivals this year! 












Constantine will be performing in the 24 hour plays this summer on August 14th! 



To Ireland! 

Constantine shot the feature film Hamlet in the Golden Vale with Roll the Bones Theatre Company in a 16th century Castle in the Irish countryside in April. Playing both Rosencrantz and Guildenstern as identical twins as well as Marcellus and the Gravedigger.

 Along with the film we shot a 360° VR experience.  

and For two nights we staged an immersive theater experience in the castle, chalet, and cottage.

The film is in post production and will be hitting the festivals this year! 

Check out the Trailer here! 

To Italy!

Constantine joined Cue for Passion Collaborative overseas to the great city of Florence to spend two weeks in a four person  cast of  The Merchant of Venice!


The Feature Film Howeds Directed by Jake Fertig features Constantine as "Breezy" an anti-Semitic New Jersey jock drug dealer is completed and going to be hitting the festival circuit this year!  








Hostess, Produced & Featuring Constantine, is on the Home Page of Funny or Die!

Featured on both their home page and their favorite short form series page, Cinematheque, Hostess is the six episode series about surviving your survival job.

Check out all of these Absolutely Incredible Companies Constantine is a member of !